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Description of Muushig

Муушиг бол Монголд хамгийн өргөн дэлгэрсэн хөзрийн тоглоомын нэг юм.
Онлайнаар муушиг тоглож цагыг зугаатай өнгөрүүлээрэй.

The Muushig is the most popular Mongolian card game for two to five players. Install our apps and enjoy your time with friends around the world.

The Rules

The deck contains 32 cards, including eight ranks running from seven to ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

Deals the cards five to each player. 1 trump card, 6 cards in the stock

After the dealing, each player can replace up to 5 cards previously dealt by the cards from the stock. But if the stock runs out, the remaining players will have to play with their originally dealt cards.

Each player will start from 15 points and the first player to reduce his/her points to zero wins. Preferably, an independent scorer should record the scores.

After the first player plays a card, the other players have to play a card that is of the same suit and either higher as the present card or trump. Only if such a card is not available, a player may play another card. The player who has played the highest card gets the trick.

Each player is expected to take at least one trick in each match. If he/she fails to do so, then his/her points will increase by 5. To prevent this, a player can resign before the round begins. If he/she succeeds to do so, then his/her points will be reduced by the number of tricks he/she took.

The tricks are formed by accumulating the cards of the opponents. The ranks of the cards are as follows: Ace (the highest), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8 and 7. The trump suit prevails over all other suits.

Version history Muushig
New in Muushig 1.0.32
Ширээний статик харах,
Оноо, хожилийн тоогоор ранклах,
Нэрээ солих зэрэг олон боломжтой боллоо.
New in Muushig 1.0.29
bug fix
New in Muushig 1.0.25
- bug fix
New in Muushig 1.0.24
bug fix
New in Muushig 1.0.20
fix bug
reduce usage of resource
New in Muushig 1.0.19
fix bugs
New in Muushig 1.0.14
fix bugs
New in Muushig 1.0.12
Fix bugs
Add reconnect feature
Auto play when user is disconnected

Алдаа засав
Дахин холбогддог боллоо
Тоглогч гарсан үед автоматаар нүүдэг bot-той боллоо
New in Muushig 1.0.7
Гацдаг алдааг засав
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